[Catalyst] Static GET of an ogg audio file

jeff robinson jeffreyianrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 20:20:35 GMT 2011

I have created a directory called "media" in the path
/root/static/media and put some audio files in there (happen to be
ogg-vorbis). I am using the HTML5 tag <audio> in the Firefox 4 browser
to play the file in an app. It mostly works but there is a problem in
that the browser cannot determine the tracks duration. (Ogg files do
not store duration in their headers as other audio formats do, but
that's not the issue here).

I set up a simple experiment where I took the same ogg audio file and
simply served it as a straight file from Apache and Catalyst. So in
one case the URL typed in to FF was  http://apacheURL/media/test.ogg
and the other was http://catalystURL/static/media/test.ogg (both URLs
are on the same LAN, no firewalls etc)

With Apache there were no issues,, with Catayst the file plays but the
duration info is not present - (hence the "play cursor" is always hard
against the right hand side of the play bar.)

Any ideas??
Thanks - Jeff

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