[Catalyst] Suggestions for sending email from cron job using 'Catalyst' templates?

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Mon Apr 11 22:40:35 GMT 2011

Good morning,

On 11/04/11 at 9:20 PM +0930, Jon Schutz 
<jon+catalyst at youramigo.com> wrote:

>That was my thought.  Usage is essentially...
>use strict;
>use warnings;
>use HTTP::Request;
>$ENV{CATALYST_ENGINE} = 'Embeddable';
>require MyApp;
>my $response;
>'http://localhost/send/email'), \$response);

Thanks for clarifying. And other than not tying up a FastCGI 
process, what is the advantage of that approach over just 
sending a request via http?


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