[Catalyst] DBIC related: schema VS model

Bernhard Bauch bauch at zsi.at
Tue Apr 12 07:00:43 GMT 2011

dear catalystlist,

after doing a try-run of bringing all modules (catalyst, dbix::class, ...) up-to-date, i ran into some problems.

i found a solution for the problem, but there are still some open questions.
i am creating some "onthefly" relations at after catalyst setup is completed.
(see full-details below this mail).

the resultset class was accessed via:
> my $myclass = $schema->class("Someclass");
$myclass is "MyApp::Model::DB::Someclass" now.
creating a many2many relation on $myclass did not work as it should with latest dbix::class.
the solution was to access the class via "MyApp::Schema::Result::Someclass"

so the question is:
why is using $schema->class("...") ending in a different behavior that using the bare result class name ?
or am i doing things terribly wrong ?

thanks for tipps and helps,

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> Date: 30. März 2011 00:04:58 MESZ
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> Subject: [Dbix-class] bug or misuse of $schema->register_class after upgrade ?
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> dear dbix::class list,
> i just tried upgrading my dbix::class from 0.08123 to the lastest 0.08127.
> but some things not working right...
> i am using catalyst with dbix::class.
> in my App.pm after 
> 	__PACKAGE__->setup(); 
> depending on config-files, i dynamically add some relations to some result-classes.
> this worked fine with version 0.8123, but its not working as it should with the lastest version.
> how i add a many2many relation after setup looks like this..
> 	my $myclass = $schema->class("Someclass");
> 	$myclass->has_many("linktable_accessor", "MyApp::Schema::Result::Linktable" , 'link_id', );
> 	$myclass->many_to_many("accessor", "linktable_accessor" , 'accessor', );
> 	$schema->unregister_source("Someclass");
> 	$schema->register_class("SomeClass" , $myclass);
> (the results for linktable and foreignclass are well defined)
> after the upgrade ... this is not working.
> the hasmany accessor and many2many accessors are not available for row-items.. ("Can't locate object method ...)
> if i put the two 2 statements (->has_many ... and many_to_many) in my the Result::Someclass module , dbix::class warnings appear, that some functions have already been defined. (eg. add_to_..)
> asking the result for available relations with ->relationships, the "linktable_accessor" appears, but can not be accessed from a row-item.
> i tried to find the difference between the 2 versions...and i figured out what part of the code is the responsible for this ..
> in DBIx/Class/Schema.pm in line #925 this was added:
> 	weaken ${"${target_class}::__cag_result_source_instance"};
> if i remove this line, everything is working like expected or like before.
> what can i do to keep my code working ? any ideas ?
> thanks alot for help,
> bernhard
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