[Catalyst] What text editor to use?

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Try the full version of Komodo. It understands tt files by default. It's been great to me the past few years. I can't imagine working in a heavy perl/catalyst environment without it.

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>> I use Eclipse (EPIC) too with the Amateras HTML Editor to open .tt 
>> and .tt2 file extensions:
>> Window ->  Preferences ->  General ->  Editors ->  File Associations

OK, y'all have convinced me to try Eclipse next.
I installed it on Windows x64, along with Amateras.  Setting the association to tt and tt2 gives me some html tag highlighting, but I can't find any settings for adjusting it, or any instructions for Ameratas at all other than that it "has many features".  So, how do you turn on TT syntax support?

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