[Catalyst] building 'local' lib with dependencies for shipping

Bernhard Bauch bauch at zsi.at
Tue Apr 26 10:33:08 GMT 2011


i've also been hanging around with the same question/problem.
local::lib in combination with perl-brew is super, to bundle perl and all modules needed to run cataylst independant from your systems perl installation.

i thought just copying the complete local::lib tree would solve the problem to have the exactly the same module-versions on all maschines (development boxes and production)
but than i figured out, if the maschine-architecture is different then just copying the local::lib dir would not work.

using cpans Bundle system puts modulename + versions into the bundle file, but installing from this bundle also installs new-versions of modules if they are installed as a depenceny.

any ideas, how to solve this issue ?
byyee, bernhard

On 25.04.2011, at 15:32, Miquel Ruiz wrote:

> On 25/04/2011 15:03, Fernan Aguero wrote:
>> My question is: apart from a 'hit and miss' approach (or a 'put
>> everything and the kitchen sink') ... is there a smart way of building
>> a list of the dependencies for any one app?
> Hi,
> You could give a try to lib::xi . It will install directly the dependencies using cpanm, though.
> Hope it helps.
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> Miquel Ruiz
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