[Catalyst] Open Source CMS

Mike Raynham catalyst at mikeraynham.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 16:40:04 GMT 2011

I know that this is not a Catalyst question, but I hope to get the 
opinions of those that use Catalyst.

I develop web sites for small businesses, and really like using Perl and 
Catalyst.  However, there are times when developing a custom CMS is not 
really appropriate - usually because it takes too much time (and hence 
money) to develop, and because there are lots of ready made systems out 
there already that will do the job.

I've started to look into some of these systems, including Drupal and 
Bricolage.  For my sins, I have spent a lot of time working with PHP, so 
whilst I'd prefer a Perl framework, using a PHP system wouldn't really 
be a problem.

Drupal is looking quite interesting, and it supports Pg, which is 
definitely a bonus.

Bricolage also looks good, but most of the information that I can find 
about it is now quite old - although there was a new release in February 
2011.  Bricolage is written in Perl and it supports Pg.

Does anyone have any experiences with open source CMS frameworks that 
they are able to share?



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