[Catalyst] Open Source CMS

Mike Raynham catalyst at mikeraynham.co.uk
Fri Apr 29 12:08:23 GMT 2011

On 29/04/11 13:01, Peter Edwards wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I checked back to what the design guy I work with uses commercially
> nowadays for small-mid range customer CMS systems and it is:
> http://expressionengine.com/
> IME many CMSes are over-complicated and fiddly to set up and get working
> reliably. If you have to write much code or debug the CMS or the
> sysadmin is hard then it's not very tempting.
> Regards, Peter
> http://perl.dragonstaff.co.uk

Hi Peter,

That's very kind of you - thank you.  I'll look into it.

I agree with your comments about over-complicated CMS.  I have created 
quite a few 'hand made' content management systems before, as the task 
of finding, learning and testing a suitable ready-made CMS usually ends 
up being bigger than just writing the necessary functionality.



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