[Catalyst] Minify JS/CSS and server as static files

Pavel Karoukin hippich at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 15:41:55 GMT 2011

On 08/08/2011 12:05 AM, Bill Moseley wrote:
> What I do is define a YAML file that defines "resource sets" (where a
> "resource" is anything I want to serve differently in production, like
> css, javascript and even versioned items like background images or PDFs).
> For example, a set might be defined of one or more (typically more)
> css files.  The set has a name (e.g. "style") and then in my templates
> I use a macro to include it.  Under development the markup is rendered
> with the individual css files that make up the set.  Under production
> the markup includes a link to a single minified and versioned
> versioned URL (on a CDN).   We can also easily toggle this on
> production via request data (to debug on production someone wanted).
>  The versioning is done via an md5 of the compressed file and the
> minified files are cached forever.
> The build process runs a script that builds the minified files.  I've
> often though about trying to integrate it into the Makefile so that
> only changed source files trigger a build of the minified file.

Thank you Bill. This looks like a good approach.

Could you tell me more about your YAML config, is it part of
"MyApp.yaml" or it is separate? If it is separate - how do you plug it in?

Also, could you tell me more about versioning you use? Do you generate
different filenames for each compressed file or you do something else?


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