[Catalyst] Tutorial woes.

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at cyber-office.net
Thu Aug 11 18:10:00 GMT 2011

Darius Jokilehto wrote:
> On 11/08/11 00:06, Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
>> I can't find where my error is while doing the tutorial.
> [snip]
>> Here are the results of a recursive grep starting at MyApp looking for 
>> role_id.
>> lib/MyApp/Schema/Result/User.pm:110:__PACKAGE__->many_to_many(roles => 
>> 'user_roles', 'role_id');
> [snip]
> You probably want:
> __PACKAGE__->many_to_many(roles => 'user_roles', 'role');

Bingo!  That was it.  Looked to make sure I hadn't typed it in wrong and 
didn't.  The Tutorial has role_id instead of role.

There was another message (last year) that mentioned something similar 
but my Catalyst foo is very low so I didn't know how to apply it to my 

> Assuming your belongs_to in Result::User is called 'role', you have to 
> use that as your final argument - many-to-many requires its final 
> argument to be a relationship, not a column name.
> Darius
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