[Catalyst] Custom Engine in 2.9

Todd Benge todd.benge at trackvia.com
Thu Aug 25 20:29:03 GMT 2011


One of our developers built a new environment and picked up Catalyst 5.9.  

We're seeing some errors related to the Engine change to Plack.  

It looks like our custom engine changes are not working.  After reading the document, it seems we need to change the code to subclass from Plack::Handler::Apache2 instead of Catalyst::Engine::Apache2::MP20.  When restarting Catalyst, we're still seeing the error about how engine cannot be set via ->setup.  

So there's 2 questions:

1)  Is there a way to explicitly install 5.8 via cpan without downloading the .tar.gz and all the correct dependencies?

2)  What needs to be changed to get Catalyst / Plack to start correctly using our engine changes?

Thanks for any help.  It's really appreciate.


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