[Catalyst] Re: Making secure session cookies (or, how do we make Explorer stop complaining about nonsecure content on a secure page?)

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Tue Feb 22 03:19:01 GMT 2011

will trillich wrote on 2/21/11 5:50 PM:
> Okay -- we'd tried this approach using Chrome already, and it is not showing
> *any* http:// requests from the https:// page. 
> Life HTTP Headers (FireFox) shows either https://server.name/path requests or
> server-relative /path requests. Period.
> Same url, yet internet explorer complains... I've got a knack for finding weird
> stuff like this. Anybody else seen this?

I've been bitten by this when the .js or .css I am loading will load an img.
E.g., ExtJS loads a s.gif file by default from http and I have had to edit the
.js file(s) to use a https version instead.

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