[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst-Runtime 5.80032

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Wed Feb 23 08:32:03 GMT 2011

Morning everyone!

As always it gives me great pleasure to announce the latest release of  

This release includes a couple of backwards compatibility and bug  
fixes to the last release, as well as some new features to help people  
customise the restarter used for development.

Full changelog below as always.


5.80032 2011-02-23 01:10:00

  Bug fixes:
   - Fix compatibility issue with code which was testing the value of
     $c->res->body multiple times. Previously this would cause the value
     to be built, and ergo cause the $c->res->has_body predicate to  
     returning true.
     Having a response body is indicated by $c->res->body being defined.

   - Fix bug with calling $upload->slurp multiple times in one request
     not working as expected as the file handle wasn't returned to
     the zero position. (Adam Sjøgren)

   - Fix some weird perl 5.8 situations where $c can get squashed  
     in Catalyst::execute

   - Fix chained dispatch where chains were being compared for length  
     of private parts in the chain) vs where they are being compared for
     PathPart length (i.e. number of non-capturing URI elements in  
your path).

     This bug meant that sometimes multiple Args or CaptureArgs (e.g. / 
     type paths would be preferred to those with fixed path elements
     (e.g. /account/*)

  New features:
    - Add MYAPP_RESTARTER and CATALYST_RESTARTER environment variables  
      allow the restarter class to be chosen per application or  

      This feature was added to enable GUI restarters (such as the  
soon to
      be released CatalystX::Restarter::GTK to be enabled more easily by
      developers without changing their application code.

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