[Catalyst] Root page for site (my first attempt!)

will trillich will.trillich at serensoft.com
Thu Feb 24 05:28:15 GMT 2011

In your main lib/MyApp.pm file you'll probably notice you've got a line of
code like
use Catalyst qw/ ... Static::Simple .../;

That pulls in Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple which does the part you're
asking about.

tricks on configuring it to do your bidding.

Also, when running under a webserver such as Apache, you'd likely do some
configuring there to have the webserver send the static files directly
instead of calling on Catalyst to parse through them.


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>> But you can create one or more directory with static files, for example
>> /images, /js, /css. These directories must be created under the root
>> directory.
>> And of course, it is recommended to configure the web server to not send
>> the requests to those directories to the Catalyst app.
> That's exactly what I want.  How do I tell Catalyst that /images should be
> static files under /root/images, rather than a controller named Images?
>> And as Carl recommended, it is good to not hard-code the URLS in the
>> templates because they won't work if you'll want to make some changes and
>> want to put the whole application to listen to a different base than /, =
>> example /old-site.
>> So use $c->uri_for('/path/to/static/file');
>> or
>> $c->uri_for_action('/path/to/action'); #for the dynamic pages
>>  I see, so do that for static files too, not just actions?
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