[Catalyst] progressive authentication via db & LDAP

piccard piccard at web.de
Tue Jan 25 10:01:38 GMT 2011

>> Is there a possibilty to map the keys, so they also work for a 
>> LDAP-authentication?
> Yes, there is. You'll need to patch the code, but the patch would be 
> very welcome upstream.
> Add an authinfo_remap key to the config, and the code...
> if ( my $map = $self->config->{authinfo_remap}->{$realm->name} ) {
>     foreach my $from (keys %$map) {
>             $auth->{$map->{$from}} = delete $auth->{$from};
>         }
> }
> or something similar... Add a couple of tests to that, and you're done..

thank u for your suggestion, maybe I'll try it, when I've got a little 
more time ;-)

In view of that, I've got one more question. What I would really need, 
is a password authentification against LDAP and if successful,
get the user and his roles from the database. So, is it possible to 
split up this process and still use methods like check_any_user_role()?

thanx :-D

> Cheers
> t0m
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