[Catalyst] progressive authentication via db & LDAP

piccard piccard at web.de
Wed Jan 26 16:27:37 GMT 2011

> I don't think you even need to go that far..
> The DBIx::Class::User module will delegate any unknown methods onto 
> your user row..
> So you should just be able to add your check_password method onto the 
> row object, without having a custom user_class..
> Then you get the initial advantage I was promoting (i.e. your database 
> model is internally consistent, and you can use check_password outside 
> of a Catalyst context if you want to), and you have less code...

yes, u are absolutly right. tested it like this and it worked.

     'user_password' => {
         encode_check_method => __PACKAGE__->check_password,

sub check_password {
     my ($self, $pw);

but ... I decided to go for the new extended class because I still need 
progressive Auth, means, some users are only in the DB (including their 
password) and some are only in the LDAP-Dir.
So, if I go for the example above a normal PasswordCheck against the DB 
wouldn't be possible anymore, right?

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