[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst-Runtime-5.89003-TRIAL PSGI Catalyst - LAST development release

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Jul 28 20:05:29 GMT 2011


It gives me great pleasure to announce the fourth (and hopefully  
final) development release of the next major version of Catalyst.

The changes from the previous PSGI development release include fixes  
for various backward compatibility issues found by users, and almost  
all user reported bugs.

This is THE LAST development release, unless we find any show stopper  
bugs, ergo we need people to start trying to use it _NOW_, and to tell  
us about the issues you find with your real world applications.  
Otherwise we're going to be unable to fix those issues before a final  

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE test the release out and let us know how you get  

The release can be found at:

or for those who are really impatient:

Please report your successes (and/or failures) to the list, or come find
us on irc.

The only remaining known issue in this release is that the response  
inside Catalyst::Test request does not include the 'host' or 'https'  
headers. We are expecting to correct this for the final release.

Thanks in advance.

5.89003 2011-07-28 20:11:50 (TRIAL release)

  Backward compatibility fixes:

   - Application scripts which have not been upgraded to newer
     Catalyst::Script::XXX style scripts have been fixed

  Bug fixes:

   - mod_perl handler fixed to work with application classes which  
have manually
     been made immutable.

   - Scripts now force the Plack engine choice manually, rather than  
     on auto-detection, as the automatic mechanism gets it wrong if (for
     example) Coro is loaded.

   - Server script option for --fork --keepalive are now handled by  
     the Starman server, rather than silently ignored.

   - Server script options for --background and --pid are now fixed by
     using MooseX::Deamonize

   - Plack middlewares to deal with issues in Lighttpd and IIS6 are now
     automatically applied to applications and deployments which need  
     (when there is not a user written .psgi script available).
     This fixes compatibility with previous stable releases for  
     deployed in these environments.


   - Catalyst::Test's remote_request method not uses Plack::Test to  
     the remote request.

   - Added a Catalyst::PSGI manual page with information about writing  
a .psgi
     file for your application.

    - Catalyst::Uprading has been improved, and the status of old  
      engines clarified.

   - Catalyst::Test's local_request function is now deprecated. You  
should just
     use the normal request function against a local server instead.

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