[Catalyst] Semi-OT testing question

Jesse Sheidlower jester at panix.com
Fri Jun 10 15:10:39 GMT 2011

I'm testing a Cat app using T::W::M::Catalyst, and am struggling to
understand why one test is failing. It's only the test that's failing;
the action is OK.

I have a simple add-user form that has several checkboxes for different
roles the user can have. I first tick the checkbox corresponding to the
role I want, and then use submit_form_ok with the rest of the info. (If
I can tick the box using submit_form_ok I'm happy to do so, but I can't
figure out how.)


ok( $mech_admin->tick('roles','2'), "ticked the newwords_admin checkbox" );

$mech_admin->submit_form_ok( { fields => {
  login => 'new_user',
  password => 'new_user',
  name => 'New Regular User',
  email => 'FOO-new at bar.com'
}, }, "Submitted add-user form");


The only thing failing here is the _test_ in the first line of this. The
form is submitted correctly, and when I test the "view" page for this
newly-created user, it has the correct role.

Similarly, for my "edit" test, I untick this role, tick a different
role, and the results are correct. But both "ok" tests for the unticking
and ticking, fail.

What's wrong with my test here?


Jesse Sheidlower

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