[Catalyst] Problem in compiling Catalyst::Engine::HTTP::Prefork due to HTTP::HeaderParser::XS

Jorge Gonzalez jorge.gonzalez at daikon.es
Tue Jun 21 14:32:58 GMT 2011

El 21/06/11 15:33, Len Jaffe escribió:
> We're nearing the outer limits of my experience.
> I'd try strace, it might tell  you which shared lib is failing to load.
> Len.

Been there, done that. In fact it was almost the first thing I tried. No 
news. It mmaps correctly all needed libraries and seems to jump to 
execute it, then returns with an error.

It would be great to know the library function that the perl code jumps 
into when loading an XS shared object. This would allow us to follow the 
control flow inside the XS source and try to spot the offender.

It seems that this function might be boot_HTTP__HeaderParse__XS (you can 
check symbols in the .so with 'nm'), but I can't find its definition 
anywhere but in HTTPHeaders.c, which is autogenerated from HTTPHeaders.xs.

I set PERL_DL_DEBUG=1 before executing again 'make test', which gives a 
bit more info, but not nearly enough.

I'm stuck. I'll explore some other  ways, like disabling 
Catalyst::Engine::HTTP::Prefork's use of this module.

I'll keep you informed.
(desperate) Regards :-)

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