[Catalyst] announcing DBICx::Generator::ExtJS::Model

Alexander Hartmaier alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at
Thu Jun 30 15:52:14 GMT 2011

As a followup on SQL::Translator::Producer::ExtJS::Model::File (which I
won't develop further) I've finally found time to write
DBICx::Generator::ExtJS::Model which does the same but works on a
DBIx::Class instead of a SQL::Translator schema.
This has the advantage of knowing the relationship names.

What's missing is the serialization of the generated ExtJS models and
the output to one file per model as the ExtJS 4 docs suggest

The code is hosted on github:

If you're interested get in touch with me via this list or irc #catalyst
or #dbix-class.

-- Alex (abraxxa)

T-Systems Austria GesmbH   Rennweg 97-99, 1030 Wien
Handelsgericht Wien, FN 79340b
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