[Catalyst] What text editor to use?

Kutbuddin Doctor ksdoctor at sanfordburnham.org
Wed Mar 2 18:12:45 GMT 2011

Another route is Aptana Studio (free version) with EPIC. In addition to 
good perl functionality it also covers HTML, Javascript and CSS nicely. 
Only detriment is that it does not understand the TT directives.

I use VNC (chicken of the VNC) to run Aptana directly from the server.

On 3/2/11 3:52 AM, Vivek Chhikara wrote:
>   Even I was struggling with same problem a few days back.
>   Give "Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers" a try.
>   There you can install EPIC (Eclipse Perl Integration), configure .tt
>   file association with HTML editor.
>   It has a built in  XML editor too.
>   If you are working on remote systems say from windows you want to
>   access Linux files, you can have
>   RSE - Remote system installer. All this combination just Rocks for me!!
>   On Wed, 02 Mar 2011 05:10:04 -0600, "John M. Dlugosz"
>   <wxju46gefd at snkmail.com>  wrote:
>> What's a good text editor to use for Catalyst/TT development?
>> The editor I really like for C++ doesn't handle XML well.  I've been
>> using "Notepad++" for windows, but the syntax highlighting doesn't
>> understand mixing TT inside the base language, and it has tabs only
>> instead of multiple visible windows.
>> I would entertain both Windows and Linux solutions.
>> TIA,
>> --John
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