[Catalyst] Formhandler and Auth

Gerda Shank gerda.shank at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 16:03:39 GMT 2011

On 3/4/11 8:23 AM, Eric Berg wrote:
> I'm trying to do some progressive engagement by allowing one of my 
> forms to be filled out before a user is required to log in, but once 
> the form is filled, I need them to log in so that I can get the user 
> ID, which is part of the record for that form's row in my db.
So after the form is submitted, you want to save the form contents 
somehow, then present a login form, then after the user logs in, save it 
to the database?

Is the part you're not sure of how/where to save the form contents? 
There are the usual options for preserving data across several requests, 
i.e. stash, database, etc.

Then you'd have to decide how you want to save the data. You *could* use 
FormHandler to do that, but if you have an already validated set of 
data, it might be simpler to just save it to the database yourself.

I'm not quite sure if I addressed the particular issues you were having; 
if not, please clarify :)


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