[Catalyst] Unicode::Encoding - utf8 "\xBA" does not map to Unicode

Ryan Lauterbach brewsterbear at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 11:32:48 GMT 2011

> So utf8::is_utf8 means that the string has multiple bytes in one
> character.
> Of course $enc->decode() fails to decode the already decoded "\xE9"
> again.
> You can use that string without calling decode safely.
> C::P::Unicode::Encoding will encode it before it gets written to the
> output.

C::P::U::E is failing on decode straight from the url, before it gets to my  code, so this might be a bug somewhere along the pipeline. How has it been decoded before it gets to c::p::u::e? Why is the is_UTF8 flag not set, thus attempting to decode again?

Basically a UTF8 URL kills my app until I remove u::e.


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