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Duncan Garland Duncan.Garland at motortrak.com
Tue Mar 15 13:42:19 GMT 2011


We upgraded Catalyst this morning. It's failed dismally. There's some sort of dependency or compatability problem.

These won't install:

- MooseX::MethodAttributes::Inheritable  ...missing. (would need 0.24)
- MooseX::Role::WithOverloading          ...missing. (would need 0.09)

There's also messages such as:

Error:  Undefined subroutine &Catalyst::Exception::Base::with called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Catalyst/Exception.pm line 50.

We were previously on 5.8.0024. We're running perl 5.8.8.

Does anybody know what the problem is?

I did attach some other output, but the mail was bounced as too big for the mailing list.



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