[Catalyst] Quick question on forward porting versus retaining existing code

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Mar 17 19:51:59 GMT 2011

Hi folks

   We have a Catalyst app we've developed since about 2005 or so.  We 
put it aside in late 2008, and haven't touched it until now.

   I wanted to see if it would still work (as it turns out, we can reuse 
this for a new project).

   Before we get into this in depth, are there any pointers/blog 
posts/articles about forward porting an application (this was 
pre-Moose), or whether or not the app would work without forward porting?

   Basically we don't want to have to redevelop everything we put into 
that (login/authentication, views, etc.), and simply add to the existing 
app with a limited set of changes to make it current would be ideal.



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