[Catalyst] Wide (Unicode) character problem?

John M. Dlugosz wxju46gefd at snkmail.com
Wed Mar 23 09:03:29 GMT 2011

On 3/23/2011 2:45 AM, Jorge Gonzalez jorge.gonzalez-at-daikon.es |Catalyst/Allow to home| 
> Did you add "use utf8;" at the beginning of your Model?

No, I did not.  I was just looking at that, and it means that the Perl source file itself 
is in utf8 so any string literals with non-ASCII values in them makes the string 
understood to be a UTF-8 encoding.  It also changes the default upgrade/downgrade behavior 
for concatenating narrow and wide strings together, which only affects programs that are 
sensitive to precise meaning of "length" of the resulting string.  That aspect is 
lexically scoped, and won't affect what's happening in "engine".

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