[Catalyst] Wiki: How To vs. Cookbook, and general change requests

Mark A. Stratman stratman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 23:46:50 GMT 2011

I've been picking at it here and there, but one of these days soon I'm 
planning to sit down and thoroughly go through my growing todo list for 
the wiki ... namely page cleanups for consistency, clearly marking 
outdated stuff, and perhaps some slight reorganization.

But first I'd like to run this by everyone since it's a fairly large change:
The howto and the cookbook sections of the wiki both seem to be filling 
the same "How do I...?" role

Should they remain separate, and if so what should the logical 
distinction between them be?  Otherwise, I'd like to roll them into the 
same page (and if so, anyone have opinions on whether it should be "How 
to..." or "Cookbook" ?)

Further, does anyone have anything they'd really like to see happen on 
the wiki but haven't had time to do? Perhaps I can throw it on my plate 
with the rest of this.


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