[Catalyst] Sending Email from Page?

Kieren Diment diment at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 09:30:38 GMT 2011

On 29/03/2011, at 8:23 PM, Dave Howorth wrote:

> John M. Dlugosz wrote:
>> On 3/27/2011 12:22 PM, Tomas Doran bobtfish-at-bobtfish.net
>> |Catalyst/Allow to home| wrote:
>>> And I would say that sending an email is a state change, and behavior
>>> of the application domain here.
>> That's a stretch, because you can argue that any side-effect is a change
>> of state to the universe at large and there happens to be no accessor to
>> read the results of the change.  It clearly matches "side effect", not
>> "state", unless you stretch the definition to make all side effects into
>> state and lose all distinction.
> <stir> Sending an email isn't a side-effect or a state change, it's an
> output. And the thing that sends it isn't a controller or a model or an
> accessory, it's a View. Of course there may be specialized methods in
> the model as well. </stir>

MVC doesn't work particularly well with the web compared to other application development stacks.   But like democracy for political systems, all the other alternatives seem worse.

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