[Catalyst] Double encoding of UTF8 strings

Oliver Gorwits oliver at cpan.org
Fri Oct 7 10:34:02 GMT 2011

> I have hacked around this AutoCRUD JSON view, and end up with a solution
> It is probably a bad solution, as I can't imagine that
> Catalyst::JSON::View is wrong, but I wonder what is the correct way to
> do it.

In terms of AutoCRUD, I can't offer a lot more, only to add I'm very
pleased that you did get something working :-)

Those with good memory may know that over the years there have been a
couple of similar issues with AutoCRUD. My deep thanks to those on IRC and
this list for helping!

I've definitely heard of success stories where AutoCRUD happily displays
UTF8. So could this be a storage issue as Julien suggests? Table or
database connection configuration? Is this a question better directed at
the DBIx::Class mail list?


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