[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD 2.x and ExtJS 4

jul.gil at gmail.com jul.gil at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 05:56:02 GMT 2011

2011/10/10 Oliver Gorwits <oliver at cpan.org>:
> On 10/10/2011 16:37, jul.gil at gmail.com wrote:
>> Anyway do you plan to port the interface to ExtJS 4 ?
> Maybe, but no definite plans.
> Here are a few thoughts I have right now...
> 1) the current interface works quite well
I agree.

> 2) but there's too much logic in the templates so they need rewriting
Code always need to be rewriting..

> 3) the license terms of ExtJS (2.x and 4.x) are evil (GPLv3)
Don't want to launch a flamewar.

> 4) is there another, similar, toolkit with a better license?
I don't know, but I am afraid no.

> 5) but not JQuery + 1001 plugins - I think this is messy
I agree again.

> 6) I'm not a UI person so it's a lot of effort for me to do
I can help.

> ExtJS 4 doesn't seem to offer much that would improve the interface, other
> than perhaps the paging-less "infinite scroll" grid.

Filters also can be integrated in column's headers (available also in 2.2)

Anyway ExtJS 4 offers a cleaner abstraction of models, views and
controller used inside the interface, so the mapping between the
Catalyst components and ExtJS can probably be improved.

> As the frontend's API (the AJAX/JSON bit) isn't documented, I don't expect
> to have anyone cough up a new interface. But if any mock-ups with other JS
> toolkits are forthcoming then there's a good chance I'll try to graft it on
> if the features (filtering, etc) are equivalent.

I wil try a simple test with ExtJS 4, and post it soo.


Julien Gilles.

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