[Catalyst] does anybody know how to install catalyst over dreamhost shell account

John Karr brainbuz at brainbuz.org
Sun Oct 16 05:36:52 GMT 2011

I did this once. Then after about 6 months they upgraded my server and
everything broke. It took me literally 5 days of effort to set it up. I
moved to a vps at linode. It costs me an additional $8 a month and worth
every penny. 

1 hour to setup a basic server on a good vps provider (and I believe
dreamhost has some offerings in that arena) .
1/2 hour of your time and several of doing something else while waiting:
	Install Perlbrew and build current perl take a break while it
	Fire up cpanm to install catalyst and every dependency you can
anticipate, take a break while it grinds.
1/2 hour to configure Starman and Apache.

2 hours of your time to get setup vs a potentially several day nightmare.
And even if it goes smoothly for you, some morning you will wake up to a
dead site because they upgraded or changed something with your server and
catalyst doesn't work anymore.

My advice is: Tell your customer that Catalyst does not work on a Dreamhost
shared plan.

However, if you just need to support some php or cgi-perl and maybe put
something in a mysql database, I think they're an excellent shared hosting
provider, and I still recommend them to people who don't need Perl.

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> Hi!!.
> I am trying to install catalyst over a dreamhost shell account

Perhaps the dreamhost wiki could be of service? Specifically this:



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