[Catalyst] Serialized data with HTML::FormHandler and DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer

Hetényi Csaba csabiwork at tata.hu
Mon Oct 17 10:19:20 GMT 2011

Dear Friends

First of all, please forgive me for this newbie question! I know, that 
my problem is not too Catalyst specific,
but i can't find help other ways, and i know that there is a lot of 
helpful person on this list :)

I have a db table, which holds a lot of common data placed in individual 
but in the same table i'd like to store some various specialized data, 
and don't want to
create other tables to hold this data.
The various datas coming from various forms.
So i'd like to use a serialized table column with HTML::FormHandler.
I found the excellent:
and i can use it for store perl hash datastructure to one table column.
(with "before 'update_model' ")

My problem is, that i need to get this data (or the de-serialized perl 
data struct) in the HFH form class,
to make the default value to a form field, but i don't know how to 
access the original or de-serialized value in the form class.

Thank You in advance!

Hetényi Csaba

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