[Catalyst] Serialized data with HTML::FormHandler and DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer

Hetényi Csaba csabiwork at tata.hu
Mon Oct 17 13:57:47 GMT 2011

Dear Dmitry

Thank You for your tip!
That was the solution! :)

In my case, the 'datepicker' is a form field in form class (a jquery 
datepicker widget in html),
but in the table there is no such column. The mm_data is the serialized 
column, which holds the json serialized hash.
The hash has a 'date' value which holds the date value.
The next code snippet appended to form class works perfectly - thanks 
to Dmitry.

after 'setup_form' => sub {
	my $self = shift;
	my $item = $self->item;


Thank You!

On 2011.10.17 14:14, Dmitry L. wrote:
> Hello!
> May be http://www.catalystframework.org/calendar/2009/3 is what you 
> need.
> Look at the end of paragraph "The Editing Form"
> On 17 of October 2011 12:19:20 Het�nyi Csaba wrote:

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