[Catalyst] fetching a model instance from a model instance

Csongor Fagyal concept at conceptonline.hu
Thu Oct 27 03:24:31 GMT 2011

Hi All,

Please excuse me if I ask lame questions. There's just so much 
documentation lying around that it's hard to find what I am looking for.


Basically I have a (generated) DBIx::... model, and I would like to 
fetch another instance from it. (What I am trying to achieve is to make 
the model verify a confirmation code for a user, and return the 
corresponding user object if the code is right.)

So... it looks like this:

# somewhere in a controller:

my $result = 

# Then in User.pm:

package MyApp::Schema::Result::User;
use utf8;
# Created by DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader
# ... etc ....

sub confirmAndGetUser {
     my ($self,$c,$code) = @_;

     # ... generate $uid from $code, etc...

     my $user = $c->model("DB::User")->find($uid);
     $user || return 'Wrong verification code.";

     # ... etc ...

     return $user;

My problem is that I pass $c to the model, which looks like a bad idea 
in general. (It's ugly at least.) But how can I do a find(...) 
otherwise? Can I do something like 
$self->something->somethingelse->andwhatnoat('User')->find( ... ) ?

As the matter of fact, the whole thing would look much better to me as a 
class method instead of an instance method. Something like this:

my $user = MyApp::Schema::Result::User->confirmAndGetUser($code);

Is that doable? (Doesn't feel like it...)

BTW, "you should do this differently, like this: ..." is also an 
acceptable answer :) [ Maybe what I am trying to do should go somewhere 
else...  not in the controller, not in the model, but... ? ]

Also, if this is a FAQ item, please point me to that FAQ :)

Thank you,
- Fagzal

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