[Catalyst] DBIC <-> JSON conversion for AJAX

Chris Stinemetz chrisstinemetz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 12:36:27 GMT 2011

> I am new to Catalyst, so I will try to make this query as smart as I
> possibly can.
> I am trying to fetch data from a mysql database using a jQuery ajax method
> to populate a select list...and my question is:  what is the recommended
> method in Catalyst to serialize/encode a DBIC class object into a JSON
> object, that I can then parse easily in a view with javascript?
> If anyone is able to help, an example would be highly appreciated.

Have you tried using firebug? http://getfirebug.com/ It is an add-on
for firefox and will allow you to see what parameters are being passed
via ajax.



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