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On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Chris Stinemetz
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> > Did you have ssh server started in VM?
> Yes.
> > If you have one check firewall on VM.
> >
> Where do I check the firewall on VM? What changes do I need to make?
> Thank you,
> Chris
Hi Chris,

A few questions that might help:

Which "network type" or you using for the VM (bridged vs. NAT vs. host

If you type "netstat -tupan | grep 22" in the VM console, do you get
anything?  (That should show if there is an SSH daemon on port 22.)

Can the server ping the outside world?  For example, if you type "ping
www.google.com" on the VM console, does it work?

And you are sure that you are using the IP of the guest VM (get from
"ifconfig" on the guest VM console), not the host, right?

The downloadable VM images shouldn't have any sort of iptables firewalling
enabled, so that shouldln't be an issue unless you enabled something there.

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