[Catalyst] fastcgi script returns 404

John Karr brainbuz at brainbuz.org
Thu Sep 22 21:48:28 GMT 2011

I recommend Starman over fastcgi. I never had an easy time with fastcgi, an=
d when I finally gave starman a shot it was surprisingly painless, it was p=
retty easy to make an upstart job out of, and I can ditch mod_perl. I have =
no experience with lighthttpd, but with Apache a simple ProxyPass or ReWrit=
eRule[P] is  the only non-boilerplate directive needed.

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Subject: [Catalyst] fastcgi script returns 404

Hello all,

I have a catalyst installation that I'm bringing up from scratch in a new e=
nvironment.  I've decided to go with lighttpd / fastcgi as the web server. =
 When running the server script (the project is named map, so it's the map_=
server.pl<http://map_server.pl> script), pages seem to come up just fine.  =
However, when I start lighttpd, and run the map_fastcgi.pl<http://map_fastc=
gi.pl> script with the following command line:

./script/map_fastcgi.pl<http://map_fastcgi.pl> --listen<http=
://> --nproc 5 --keeperr 2

It seems that only the index page of the site is served properly - any othe=
r link that I click on just results in a 404.  So it seems that I am doing =
something wrong with fastcgi.  Can anyone recommend what I need to do diffe=

For informational purposes - I run lighttpd with the following configuratio=
n file:

server.document-root =3D "/home/mapper/artplot/root/"
server.modules +=3D ( "mod_fastcgi" )
server.port =3D 80

server.username =3D "mapper"
server.groupname =3D "mapper"

mimetype.assign =3D (
  ".htm" =3D> "text/html",
  ".html" =3D> "text/html",
  ".txt" =3D> "text/plain",
  ".jpg" =3D> "image/jpeg",
  ".png" =3D> "image/png"

static-file.exclude-extensions =3D ( ".pm", ".pl", ".conf" )

fastcgi.server =3D ("" =3D>
        "host" =3D> "",
        "port" =3D> 9000,


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