[Catalyst] How best not to use the system perl

Jorge Gonzalez jorge.gonzalez at daikon.es
Fri Sep 30 15:16:18 GMT 2011

Hi Dermot,

in my development machine I have a Perl environment installed in my home 
dir with perlbrew. That way I can install anything I need without 
disturbing (or using) the system perl. Later, when doing a deployment to 
the production environment, I deploy my app and my full perlbrew 
environment, directly copied from the development machine.

When deploying new versions in the production environment, I simply 
rename the current version ($HOME/MyApp directory) to MyApp.pre20110930 
(date; for example), and I do the same (if needed) to the perl 
production environment (rename $HOME/perl5 to $HOME/perl5.pre20110930). 
In this way I have a history of all my deployments (and most important: 
the previous one). If there's the slightest problem with the new 
deployment I can switch to the previous version in a matter of seconds.

Given the size of today's hard disks, it's no problem to have all these 
files laying around, and it's saved my life (professional life, that is) 


El 30/09/11 16:39, Dermot escribió:
> Hi,
> I have got a new server that I want to put into production. To comply
> with the manufacturer, I have installed RedHat 6.1 on it. Up till now
> we have used Debian based machines and have been using the system
> perl. That worked ok because all the necessay libperl*.deb could be
> installed via the package manager. That's not an option with yum. I
> know using the system perl is frowned upon by some so I'd like to do
> the right thing before the server is deployed. AFAIK, there are two
> options; 1) install a perl from source into somewhere like /usr/local
> and set-up the environment so that's the perl that's used or 2) use
> the system perl (5.10.1) and local::lib. I'm sure there are others
> with my hardware set-up and I'd be interested in hearing what
> approached they've taken. Similarly if there are other options to
> consider or there are strong reasons for using one approach over an
> other, I'd appreciate hearing them.
> Thanks,
> Dermot.
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