[Catalyst] Using external URLs?

Johannes Kilian Jo.Kilian at gmx.de
Wed Apr 11 08:38:02 GMT 2012

Hi there,

I've got a probably simple question, but cannot figure it out yet.

I'm using Template::Toolkit and Catalyst - and I'm having problems with absolute URLs ...

Within my Template I have the following absolute URL:
<a href="http:\\myserver1\test.html">blabla</a>

After processing the Template (via Catalyst::View::TT) my previously correct URL is modified to:

(where "mycatalystserver" is the server where catalyst runs ...)

Who modifies my URL - Catalyst or Template::Toolkit? (I think it's catalyst - since within my template I do only have plain text in the eyes of Template::Toolkit ...)

And most important
How can I suppress this modification to be able to use the original URL?

Thanks in advance
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