[Catalyst] Stand-alone Scripts

Eden Cardim edencardim at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 03:05:19 GMT 2012

>>>>> "Glen" == Glen Diener <gdiener at excelii.com> writes:

    Glen> Within the Catalyst application I able to use the following
    Glen> successfully:

    Glen> my $demo = $c->model('DemoDB::ddddemo')->find($demoid);

You should be able to do:

use MyApp;
my $demo = MyApp->model('DemoDB::dddemo')->find($demoid);

If you're concerned about the load time of the other components in your app,
you should be able to add a myapp.pl config containing

  setup_components => { only => qr/Model::DemoDB/ }

This will load only your schema, with the correct configs. (With a bit of
->setup munging you'll be able to eliminate plugins as well)

Or, you can use the "cleaner" route and use a standalone Config::JFDI setup
and decouple everything from the app, which I find to be more troublesome to

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