[Catalyst] Schema::Result file question

Kenneth S Mclane ksmclane at us.ibm.com
Mon Apr 30 20:10:15 GMT 2012

I have this statement in each result file for ny DB. I am currently 
accessing a other than default schema on a DB2 server, which has no way to 
set a different schema as default for a user.


To get my data out of the DB, I have been forced to change this to 


Specifying the schema. Unfortunately, anytime I need to re-create my model 
all these edits will go away.  I do not want to edit 52+ files everytime I 
need to reload.

My question is, is there a way to have the string "HCDB_TEST>" prepended 
when making a call to any model?

Whet would it look like and where should it be put?

Can I re-define the table below the "Do Not edit" line? Or would it be 
better to add something more global in nature?

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