[Catalyst] Newbie questions regarding nginx/fastcgi configuration

Miquel Ruiz self at miquelruiz.net
Mon Dec 17 13:22:44 GMT 2012

El 16/12/2012 23:21, Kieren Diment escribió:
> The source of your confusion is that you probably want a way
 > to stop and start it cleanly.  I've heard people like daemontools
 > for that, although the wrong and filthy way to do it is to run the
 > fastcgi script in a screen session.

I used to setup a daemontools service, but now i prefer to set it up as 
as service managed by upstart. Here is the template I use for the config 


That way you can start and stop your app with the usual commands:

# service mywebapp start
# service mywebapp stop

Hope it helps.

Miquel Ruiz

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