[Catalyst] Re: Advent 2012 -- Catalyst in Nine Steps -- Kudos toOctavian

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 21:32:51 GMT 2012

From: "John Napiorkowski" <jjn1056 at yahoo.com>

Hi John and thank you again.

> I'd really like to see a project to gather up, modernize and peer review 
> all the best / informative Advent articles of years past, and we could 
> gather
> it together as an open source project on github (similarly to the way the 
> Modern Perl book is done). Crafting an ebook would be
> straightforward, even if we didn't have a publisher. We could version it 
> and update it from time to time as well.
> We could even put it on some various ebook sites and charge a small fee, 
> to try and raise some money for the project.

Do you think it can be helpful enough?

I mean, if we are talking about existing articles only, I think that even a 
beginner can read catalystframework.org and Catalyst advent articles from 
previous years.

And yes, I think you are right about the reasons of not too much 
contribution in the last period...

Maybe it would require a smaller effort to just create a page with links to 
the recommended articles, and I think the recommended articles for a 
beginner should be those who allow him to create a web site with little 
effort, not the best posible which may be hard to understand by a beginner.


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