[Catalyst] ANNOUNCE TRIAL Catalyst release - PLEASE TEST!

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Mon Feb 6 21:12:58 GMT 2012


The latest Catalyst TRIAL release (5.90008) has a significant amount  
of cleanup and refactoring to enable asynchronous applications.

It shouldn't break anything, and works for me - but I need people to  
try this out with their real apps and the plugins you're using -  
please have a quick go with it, or even better run the tests for your  
apps against it and tell me if I broke your app!

A full changelog, with details of the specific changes in the release  
is included below as always.



5.90008 - TRIAL 2012-02-06 20:49:00

  New features and refactoring:
   - Much of the Catalyst::Engine code has been moved into  
     and Catalyst::Response, to be able to better support asynchronous  
     servers such as Twiggy, by making the application engine more  

     This change is as a prequel to full asynchronous support inside  
     for AnyEvent and IO::Async backends, which allow highly scaleable  
     (for applications such as multi-part XML HTTPRequests, and  

   - This means that the $c->engine->env method to access the PSGI  
     is now deprecated. The accessor for the PSGI env is now on  
     as per applications which were using Catalyst::Engine::PSGI

     Catalyst::Engine::PSGI is now considered fully deprecated.

   - The private _dump method in Catalyst::Log is now deprecated. The  
dumper is
     not pluggable and which dumper to use should be a user choice.  
     an imported Dump() or Dumper() function is less typing than $c- 
     and as this method is unused anywhere else in Catalyst, it has  
been scheduled
     for removal as a cleanup. Calling this method will now emit a  
stack trace
     on first call (but not on subsequent calls).

  Back compatibility fixes:
   - Applications still using Catalyst::Engine::PSGI as they rely on
     $c->request->env - this is now the provided (and recommended) way  
     accessing the raw PSGI environment.

   - Spurious warnings have been removed from the test suite

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