[Catalyst] Fix for content-length issue introduced with Catalyst 5.8.x

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Fri Feb 17 13:23:06 GMT 2012

Using Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding instead of "hacking" Catalyst.pm =
works, but it brakes some other parts of our code (form posted containing s=
ome accent are screwed up).

Reverting Catalyst.pm to old fashion bytes::length() is way simpler...

Anyone aware of drawback using it instead of length()?

Dominic Germain
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Le 12-02-15 =E0 23:33, Bill Moseley a =E9crit :

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> On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 10:56 AM, Dominic Germain <mailinglists at sogetel.c=
om> wrote:
> No, we are not using Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding
> =

> Does using it fix your problem?   It should.   But, you also should decod=
e input data, too.
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> =

> =

> I'm still not sure why that is a separate plugin.  When would you not nee=
d to encode?  Although, seems like should also check for the utf8 flag -- t=
o catch the case where the content has already been encoded.
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