[Catalyst] Catalyst upgrade: not picking up custom request headers from $ENV variables

Anthony Gladdish anthony.gladdish at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Jan 11 14:54:44 GMT 2012


Upgrading Catalyst v5.80033 -> v5.9000 is highlighting an issue identified by one of my tests.

Previously, creating an $ENV variable was automatically converted as a request header. So, I create an $ENV variable in a test script, make a HTTP request, and check for response contents that is returned from a controller action based on that request header set.

My controller action is detecting $ENV vars, but has stopped converting them into and detecting them via $c->request->headers(), eg. :

	If ( $c->request->header('Some-Request-Env-Variable') )  {
		# picked up $ENV{'Some-Request-Env-Variable'} from test script.

Has anybody come across this issue, or know of a fix, or if I'm doing something wrong?


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