[Catalyst] Issues with HTML::FormFu and ISO-8859-1

Marc SCHAEFER schaefer at alphanet.ch
Sun Jan 15 17:41:53 GMT 2012


I am trying to port an old Catalyst application I wrote in 2009 to the
current framework.  Apart from quite a few obsoleted methods I needed
to rewrite, I stumbled on a very bizarre problem which seems to prevent loading
from all of my templates using HTML::FormFu

Basically, I always run in a ISO-8859-1 environment, for various
KISS reasons (the number of bugs you see in the UNICODE stuff is
really impressive, and I don't need that additionnal complexity).

Thus, my application is completely and only ISO-8859-1.
However I get an error:

Caught exception in livres::Controller::livres->del "Error parsing /home/catalyst/catalyst-deploy/root/forms/livres/del.yml: YAML::XS::Load Error: The problem:

    Invalid trailing UTF-8 octet

was found at document: 0
 at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/HTML/FormFu/ObjectUtil.pm line 151"

>From the manual of YAML::XS it seems only UNICODE is supported.
Is this a dead end ?

For the time being I have recoded all the templates using HTML entities
(good old ASCII always works) with recode. I however would really like
to get back my "clean ISO-8859-1" path, if it is still possible.

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