[Catalyst] [JOB] Looking for Telecommute Web Developer

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Thu Jul 5 22:39:07 GMT 2012

Speaking for myself, I got my current (good) job because the company also posted 
it to the Catalyst list, in addition to jobs.perl.org. -- Darren Duncan

Frank Kumro wrote:
> I believe the opening is posted on jobs.perl.org too (or will very
> soon). The opening is sent to the list because some of our other devs
> (including myself) found the job via this list.
> -Frank
> On 07/05/2012 05:40 PM, Len Jaffe wrote:
>> Doesn't jobs.perl.org <http://jobs.perl.org> exist for posting perl jobs?
>> L.
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