[Catalyst] Using Progressive realms when username and password fields are all different

Will Crawford billcrawford1970 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 09:59:28 GMT 2012

On 28 June 2012 23:12, Gavin Henry <gavin.henry at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Tim. Yes, I know that but then the other two realms will fail
> and that's the point of progressive. I want to call one ->authenticate
> which tries all the realms I've defined in progressive_oauth.

Regrettably, the docs for the Password realm saith:

    NOTE If the password_field is something other than 'password', you
must be sure to use that same field name when calling

I'd call that a bug, personally - it certainly isn't intuitive that
you can specify the field to use, but then have to remember it in all
your calls to authenticate().

Not much can be done about that, though. Maybe someone can produce an adaptor?

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