[Catalyst] Managing module regressions.

Gianni Ceccarelli dakkar at thenautilus.net
Fri Jun 29 18:12:00 GMT 2012

Here's what we do:

- we have a (VCS-managed) set of tarballs downloaded from CPAN
- we run a CPAN-like server providing those tarballs
- we have a rather large set of distroprefs to skip unreliable tests
  and apply local patches
- we usually update to the latest CPAN (and perl) releases
- sometimes we have to hold back on a set of modules because of
  problems (currently we can't update Catalyst, for example, due to
  some internal libraries exploiting undocumented behaviours; yes,
  we're going to fix our libraries)
- we smoke the whole set of modules whenever we update a batch of them
- every iteration, we build a package (in our case, RPM) with the
  version of perl and all modules that we are going to use
- we develop and run all our test suites against that package
- the application packages require the specific perl/cpan package
  version they were developed on

It works, and it's not that much work.

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