[Catalyst] Passing REMOTE_USER to development server

Eden Cardim edencardim at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 10:26:50 GMT 2012

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Shorrock <stephen.shorrock at gmail.com> writes:

    Stephen> Using an older version of Catalyst (5.80007) I used to start the
    Stephen> development server with:

    Stephen> REMOTE_USER=userid myapp_server.pl

    Stephen> and have available in the application userid via
    Stephen> $ENV{REMOTE_USER}.  Having upgraded to 5.90010 this no longer
    Stephen> appears to work nor does attempting to access via $c->engine->env
    Stephen> or $c->req->remote_user.

    Stephen> How can I set the remote user on development user startup and
    Stephen> then how should I access it in my controller?

use Plack::Middleware::ForceEnv, this and other upgrade caveats are documented
in Catalyst::Upgrading

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